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Where is PAR 1? Vehicle allegedly used to do Chairman of Parliament private work.

Source: SMN-News 13 Oct 2015 06:22 AM
style="text-align: center;">Civil Servants may start go-slow on Tuesday.

PHILIPSBURG:--- Questions are now being asked as to where is the government owned vehicle with license plate PAR 1 that is assigned to the chairman of Parliament MP Lloyd Richardson. SMN News understands that ever since MP Richardson was appointed chairman of Parliament he was given the vehicle a black Viracruz that was special ordered by former chairlady of Parliament Gracita Arrindell.
SMN News further learned that the chairman of Parliament was allowed to hire his own driver which he did but that person never drove the Chairman of Parliament or even report to work.
That driver Frank Bruney who is on Parliament’s payroll never showed up to Parliament and does not drive around with MP Lloyd Richardson. It is understood that the chairman of Parliament drives around in his own personal vehicle but used the privilege given to him to hire someone to do his personal errands with government vehicle and gasoline.
A source within Parliament said that Bruney is using the government owned vehicle to transport cement to construct a building for the MP while he also uses the vehicle for his personal use even transporting his children to school.
Some concerned persons said that PAR 1 is seen parked up all over the island at all hours of the night and the last time it was seen used for Parliament was on the official opening of Parliament early September 2015.
A press release issued by Parliament stated that the chairman of Parliament will convene a meeting on Tuesday to appoint a new chair and vice chair but there is no guarantee that the chairman of parliament will show up to chair the meeting since he is scheduled to travel to the Netherlands later this week to represent the Parliament of St. Maarten. Already the vice chair of Parliament MP Leona Marlin Romeo has made her position available to the chair of parliament.
With the current political crisis SMN News learnt that civil servants are planning to start a go-slow action on Tuesday in order to squeeze the Gumbs cabinet to respect the constitution of St. Maarten. However, the latter could not be confirmed since no one wants to speak on behalf of the civil servants.

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