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Girls Night Out Is Becoming Bigger And Bigger

Source: Today SXM 15 Feb 2016 05:42 PM

The St. Maarten Girls Night Out, organized by Marketing Solutions, expects to draw an even bigger crowd than it did last year. The event will, take place on May 28, but there is no decision about the venue yet.

“This idea of St. Maarten Girls Night Out was an idea of my youngest in 2013 because she recognized that women in the communities hardly have the time to get out and have fun,” said organizer Bernadette Davis. During the initial event in 2013 they were catering for only 250 women but to their surprise around 500 women turned up.

In 2014 Marketing Solutions expected a modest increase but ended up with more than 750 women. “In 2015 we broke through with around 1,500 women and 56 vendors,” said Davis.

During the event a number of things are happening like the launching of businesses by women, educational seminars and fashion shows. “This gives the opportunity for women to market their goods and services so that they can attract more customers to their business.”

This year the event will also focus on marketing so that the vendors will be able to market their goods properly.

Several people received certificates of appreciation for the work they did for the St. Maarten Girls Night out in the past. Among them was veteran radio personality of SOS Radio Jacques “Billy D” Hamlet who is described as the driving force behind the promotion of the event.

Bernadette Davis mentioned 1 time Corner Stone Solutions NV