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Kooyman Ready To Paint It Pink This Saturday.

Source: SMN-News 20 Oct 2016 07:04 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- The Positive & Elektralyets Foundations, together with Kooyman Megastore are excited to host the 2nd annual “PAINT IT PINK” breast cancer fundraiser event, taking place this Saturday, October 22nd from 5-9pm at the Kooyman Megastore.

The main feature of the evening is the MAKITA Power Tools Workshop, where 200 ladies will get a chance to work together to make their very own wooden wheelbarrow planter. All participants will be provided with a pink T-shirt that they must wear as they gear up to build their project and paint it pink.

After some hard work ladies will be treated to a night of fun, health tips, and entertainment, with Makeovers by Beauty Lounge, entertainment with Fun Miles, Skin Care and make-up by Day/Night; fashion by Park Lane Jewelry and a Bling It station for them to jazz up their works of art. And if the ladies need to unwind after putting in some hard work, they can visit the Tequila Rose Pink Lounge for some refreshments.

“The goal of this event is to raise awareness for Breast Cancer and create a venue for ladies to have fun, and bond so that they may feel free to discuss the importance of getting checked, said Kooyman Commercial Officer, Evencia Carty Seabrookes. The theme of this year’s event is Healthy Living, so by way of this workshop we would like to give ladies the tools to start growing their own herbs and aromatics for daily usage”.

“ The Elektralyets Foundation is proud to have Kooyman on board this year again after last year’s pilot workshop of over 200 women event took place with such great success. It is the biggest workshop on the island and it really helps us unite women together with regards to team building and support, said the Elektralyets Foundation president Mercedes van der Waals-Wyatt. Support is something highly required after a woman has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and doing these types of events lend a hand to encourage just that. This event is interesting because we see sons helping mothers daughter helping mothers friends helping friends and women helping and supporting women.”

The Elektralyets Foundation is extremely happy that through this creative way of building and painting it offers 200 women at least once in the year to come together on such a massive scale to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness. We look forward to the expansion of this event and we thank Kooyman for helping us continue to bring the message of Breast Cancer Awareness to the community of St. Maarten by building it and painting it PINK!

For more information on events and breast cancer screenings, like the Positive Foundation Facebook page.

Mercedes van der Waal-Wyatt mentioned 1 time Corner Stone Solutions NV