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Breaking News:--- Curfew On Saint Martin Moves Up To 8Pm To 5Am As Of Friday August 13Th

Source: SMN-News 12 Aug 2021 05:05 PM

MARIGOT:--- The Prefet of Saint Martin Serge Gouteyron announced on Thursday afternoon at a press conference that he has taken the decision to move up the curfew from 10 pm to 8 pm as of Friday, August 13th 2021.
Gouteyron said the reason he is tightening up is because of the strain placed on the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital. At the moment there are 23 COVID-19 persons hospitalized with t3 of them on ventilation.
If I brought you here, it's to tell you something that is not good ", It's with these words that Prefet Serge Gouteyron started the press conference.
In view of the latest figures on the health situation, I have decided to tighten the curfew from Friday, August 13th ". The curfew is advanced to 20 pm in Saint-Martin, and at 21 pm. h00 in Saint-Barthlemy, until August 20, 2021.
Measures that the Prefet says are being taken to relieve ". the hospital ". which is under tension ".
The elected officials and socio-professional workers were warned yesterday during a meeting with Prefet Gouteyron.
Concerning the demonstration on Saturday, August 14, the Prefet calls for the responsibility of the organizers and respect for the barriers.


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