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Health Pass Requirements Goes Into Effect On Friday.

Source: SMN-News 21 Oct 2021 12:23 PM

MARIGOT:--- The improvement in the health situation seen over the last few weeks in Saint-Martin still requires special attention as 4 people are being hospitalized at Louis Constant Fleming hospital In addition, the low rate of immunization of the population requires maintaining measures to combat the spread of the virus. Indeed, the risk of developing a serious form remains very present and the health system cannot cope alone, with a wave of contamination.
In order to prepare the 2021/2022 tourism season with a satisfactory level of health security, the Prefect of Saint-Barthlemy and Saint-Martin, after consultation with the Community of Saint-Martin and the socio-professionals (Tourism Club, CCISM, Metimer, MEDEF), has decided to set up the health pass in Saint-Martin. Sint-Maarten having also chosen to introduce an identical system, the application of the pass allows for uniformity of protocols throughout the country.
The health pass will be deployed as of Friday, October 22th in bars, restaurants, and for all public demonstrations. Only establishments and demonstrations hosting more than 30 people will be involved. The health pass will only be required for adults.
Starting Friday, October 22, anyone wishing to go to a bar or restaurant must be able to submit their vaccination certificate or failing this, a PCR or antigenic test less than 72 hours or a covid19 recovery certificate
Establishments that implement the health pass can derogate from covid rules, so the operator can, at his / her initiative:
lifting mask-wearing in the establishment;
derogating from social distancing rules;
accommodate a number of people identical to the maximum capacity of the establishment (for establishments receiving from the public).
To facilitate its deployment, a one-week adaptation period is granted.
Starting October 29, the following establishments will be added:
the shooting club;
The theatre; stadiums as part of welcoming the public for events.
The services of the Prefecture, as well as the representatives of the socio-professional, are at the disposal of operators for any questions about the application of the pass.
To view the Frequently Asked Questions click the link below:

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