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We Hope We Can Give The People The Stability They Need. Pm Jacobs.

Source: SMN-News 06 Jul 2022 01:45 PM

PHILIPSBURG: --- Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said that the Minister of VROMI is working towards providing the answers parliament requested and he would also work on improvement. The Prime Minister was responding to questions posed by the media regarding the motion of no confidence the Party for Progress promised to table along with the other developments such as the resignation of MP Ludmilla Duncan along with the bickering within the UPP party with whom she has a coalition government.
Jacobs said after she received the letter from MP Duncan, she contacted the member of parliament who told her she would be explaining her position via the media. Jacobs said the member of parliament also indicated to her that would be supporting anything that is good for the country. While MP Ludmilla Duncan resigned from the National Alliance she did not say whether or not she would continue to support the NA/UPP coalition. Duncan who was on several radio programs also did not give a clear answer when she was asked. Based on this the Prime Minister said while there are developments her government still has a majority in parliament even though the coalition met along with two other members of parliament with the aim of strengthening the coalition. She said on Wednesday that the discussions are not finalized and as such will not make further comments.
Asked if she was concerned about the stability of her government knowing that one of the coalition members resigned as a member of the National Alliance while there have been some in-fighting with the chair of parliament and faction leader of the UP Party.
The Prime Minister explained that St. Maarten is in the habit of having elections every two years and now that two years have passed since her government took office things are stirring up. She added that she would like to be given the opportunity to govern for the full term since her government achieved quite a bit in less than two years compared to other governments. She said the National Alliance/United People's Party coalition lost the whole of 2020 due to the pandemic yet they were able to make strides in the interest of the country.

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