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National Alliance Faction Leader Says Chair Of Parliament Is Abusing Her Authority.

Source: SMN-News 12 Oct 2022 01:21 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- Faction leader of the National Alliance William Marlin made it known during the notifications on Wednesday that the chairlady of parliament Grisha Heyliger Marten is abusing her authority when it comes to the convening of meetings of parliament.
Marlin who is a member of 8- the member of the coalition says that some weeks ago he had a discussion with the chair on how urgent meetings are being convened.
The notification came after several letters surfaced showing that the 8-member coalition signed a letter calling for an urgent public meeting of parliament where they would be thanking the chair for services and then remove her as chair.
Marlin said that the chairlady has since been moving the goalpost constantly to benefit herself.
Based on letters that were shared with SMN News it showed that the chairlady, had agreed to call the meeting so after her return from the IPKO meetings. Heyliger Marten then said in one of her communications that she could not convene the meeting since the Parliament of St. Maarten was busy with the activities surrounding the departure of Governor Eugene Holiday.
Another letter stated that the faction leader of the United People's Party told her not to call the meeting. However, Heyliger Marten, in her letter said that the meeting will be convened in the week of October 24th, 2022.

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