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Mp Brison Straightens Prime Minister Jacobs On The Appointment Of Shareholder Representatives.

Source: SMN-News 14 Oct 2022 03:48 PM

~GEBE has $29M in liquidity, investigation ongoing.~

PHILIPSBURG:--- The continuation of the meeting called by parliament on Friday did not bear much fruit when it comes to answers to critical questions posed by various members of parliament.
Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs said she requested more time, but she did show up when parliament calls despite not having all the answers to the questions that were posed.
Jacobs informed the parliament of St. Maarten that the special representative and Temporary Manager Troy Washington and his teams are working diligently on finalizing their reports on the investigation and assessment of NV GEBE.
Jacobs said that NV GEBE paid over $5.000.00 to Fast Data Recovery for the decryption of the data related to payroll. She said while the company also decrypted other data the only usable data was the payroll data. Jacobs said that no data from the SAP system was recovered
Besides that, NV GEBE paid Aurora InfoTech to conduct an assessment post the cyberattack on March 16th, 2022.
Jacobs indicated that the now Temporary Manager Troy Washington is in contact with the Prosecutors Office and KPSM as they continue with the Freya investigation.
As for the financial stability of the company, Jacobs said that the company now has $29M as its liquidity, which she said is just under the threshold of the $30M that the company normally has on its accounts.

Appointment of Shareholder representatives.
PFP leader Mellissa Gumbs asked the Prime Minister what exactly changed because the Minister of VROMI was the one who would report to parliament on matters related to NV GEBE, she asked the Prime Minister to tell parliament why she is the one now reporting to parliament as the shareholder representative of NV GEBE.
Questions were also asked why the Minister was and VROMI Egbert Jurendy Doran and the Minister of Finance the only two Ministers that were meeting with NV GEBE and Aurora InfoTech post the cyber-attack. Gumbs asked if these two Ministers provided feedback to the Council of Ministers on the meetings they held.
In the meantime Leader of the United Peoples Party and coalition partner of the National Alliance MP Rolando Brison to give parliament clear-cut answers as to why she as the Prime Minister of the country is not appointing shareholder representatives for each of the government-owned companies.
Brison asked the Prime Minister is she will now attend all parliament meetings related to government-owned companies. The UPP leader said he wrote several emails, and had several discussions with the Prime Minister on this matter but since his pleas are falling on deaf ears, he believes it's time that he brings the matter to the floor of parliament. Brison basically asked Prime Minister Jacobs if she is having trust issues with her Ministers and if that is the case, then why should he or parliament trust and defend them?

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