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Brownbill And Arrindell Gives Coalition Partners A 6 For 9 When They Voted To Keep Grisha Heyliger Marten As Chair Of Parliament.

Source: SMN-News 17 Oct 2022 03:26 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- On Monday the two contentious members of parliament Akeem Arrindell and Chanell Brownbill that supports the coalition of eight stunned their colleague's members of parliament of the National Alliance and United Peoples Party when they voted against placing the agenda point to remove the chairlady of parliament Grisha Heyliger Marten from the chair.

15 members of parliament cast their vote to decide whether or not the agenda point will be added to Mondays public meeting, when the votes were cast, 9 voted against while 6 voted in favor. Among the nine were Akeem Arrindell and Chanel Brownbill voted with the opposition to have Heyliger Marten remain as chair.
Sources alleged MP Heyliger Marten cut a deal with Brownbill and Arrindell just before the meeting convened, promising them that she would join the coalition after Mondays meeting. However, SMN News understands that the two members of parliament have appointed ONeil Arrindell to negotiate and take decisions on their behalf.
Based on the numbers game on Monday it is clear that the current coalition of 8 has lost its majority, however, it is not clear if the Prime Minister will dissolve the Parliament of St. Maarten and call for new elections.

What is clear is that the two members of parliament are busy trying to confuse the government as well as the populace because shortly after voting against their coalition they turned around and voted with them to have the draft law and its amendment passed.
While the voting in favor of passing the draft law is in favor of the government since this law would allow the government to move forward with removing the conditions and mandated cuts from civil servants salaries. This move is certainly in favor of those members of parliament that plan to contest the next election.

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