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Pop Job On The Line Again Next Week Thursday.

Source: SMN-News 21 Oct 2022 08:38 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- It seems that the current President of Parliament United Peoples(UP) Grisha Heyliger-Marten will have to deal with her job being on the line on Thursday, October 27. According to a schedule sent out by parliament on Friday, a public meeting will handle the agenda points, Incoming documents, Ratification of the decision list of the Interparliamentary Kingdom Consultations (IPKO) held from September 27-30, 2022 in the Hague, the Netherlands (IS/048/2022-2023 dated September 30, 2022) and Thank the Chair for her services thus far and relieve her from her duties (IS/026/2022-2023 dated September 20, 2022)
The latter agenda point was requested by MP W.V. Marlin, MP G.C. Pantophlet, MP A.J.G. Romou, MP R. Brison, MP A.E. Arrindell, MP C.E. Brownbill, MP S.M. Bijlani, and MP H.L. Richardson. On Monday, October 17, Member of Parliament (MP) Rolando Brison proposed an agenda point to the public meeting on the COVID-19 cuts to relieve Heyliger-Marten of her duties as Chairperson of Parliament, however, The proposal was voted down by nine votes against and six votes for.

Voting against were MPs Akeem Arrindell (independent), Christophe Emmanuel (independent), Ludmila de Weever (independent); Solange Duncan (independent), Sarah Wescot-Williams (UD), Chanel Brownbill (US Party); Melissa Gumbs (PFP); Raeyhon Peterson (PFP) and Heyliger-Marten (UP) while Rolando Brison (UP), Sidharth Cookie Bijlani (UP); William Marlin (NA); George Pantophlet (NA), Hyacinth Richardson (NA); and Angelique Romou (NA) voted in favor.

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