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Exclusive: Head Of Admittance And Expulsion Suspended For Assault.

Source: SMN-News 03 Nov 2022 06:44 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- The head of Immigration (Admission and Expulsion) Alexandra Yeung has been suspended for assaulting a co-worker at the Immigration Office on AT. Illidge Road on Wednesday.
SMN News learned that Yeung attacked the younger employee because she heard from others that the employee Sientje Hooi made a remark on Wednesday saying she Yeung likes to speak too much.
Eyewitnesses to the attack said that Yeung attacked the worker by choking her after which she further ill-treated the employee.
SMN News learned that another senior employee had to intervene before Yeung was suspended by the Minister of Justice Anna Richardson.
SMN News learned from several sources that many persons within at IND building filed complaints against Yeung for being a bully but no disciplinary measures were ever taken against her.

According to the eyewitnesses, Yeung made several threats towards Hooi when she was assaulting her. It is not yet known if the victim filed an official complaint against Yeung, but it is understood that Yeung was suspended pending dismissal.

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