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Exclusive: St. Maarten To Hold Elections November 2023.

Source: SMN-News 22 Dec 2022 07:00 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- The citizens of St Maarten will go to the polls in November 2023 according to Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs on Thursday. Questions were sent to the public relations office of the Prime Minister requesting clarity on the month and year elections are to take place. One member of parliament last week stated that elections would take place in January 2024 however the Council of Ministers in a recent meeting decided to set elections for November 2023. This was confirmed on Thursday by the Prime Ministers office to SMN News.

During the elections back in 2020, the National Alliance led by current Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs won six out of the 15 parliamentary seats. The UP party received 4 seats, the Party for Progress 2, the United St Maarten Party 2, and the United Democrats 1. This has however changed as the NA has lost 2 of its members, the UP 2 and the USP 1.
There were 23,106 eligible voters registered and only 13,735 showed up to the polls for a 59 percent voter turnout. The National Alliance received - 4,694 votes, the UP Party - 3,232, the United St Maarten Party - 1,759, the Party for Progress - 1,408, United Democrats - 1,162, the St Maarten Christian Party -752 and the Peoples Progressive Alliance - 326.

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