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Ministry Of General Affairs Launches Employee Satisfaction Survey.

Source: SMN-News 30 Jan 2023 12:06 AM

~Government encourages more civil servants to share their thoughts~

PHILIPSBURG:---  On Monday, January 23, 2023, the Ministry of General Affairs launched a Civil Service Employee Satisfaction Survey. This is the largest satisfaction survey conducted by the Government of Sint Maarten. The assessment is geared towards collecting a rich body of data for future evidence-based policy development, with an aim to bring about positive change in the organization.
A project team within the Ministry of Generals Affairs, with representatives from the Department of Personnel and the Department of The Interior and Kingdom Relations (BAK), is spearheading the project. This team is being assisted by, Effectory, an external company with expertise in conducting satisfaction surveys among employees.
The collected information will provide insight into how civil servants feel about their working environment. While there are no standard drivers for measuring satisfaction or well-being, commonly assessed factors used in this survey are, advancement opportunities; recognition; pay and benefits; job roles; training and development opportunities; management; and leadership.
Information sessions for all the ministries are currently ongoing and will continue in the coming weeks. During these sessions, civil servants are informed about the objectives of the survey, the confidentiality of feedback provided as well as the convenient and employee-friendly format in which the survey is being conducted.
This project supports one of the Governments National Developments Vision priorities, namely the strengthening of the government, and is being implemented within the framework of the Country Reform Package.
I encourage all civil servants to take part in the Employee Satisfaction Survey. On the road to a better functioning organization, it is essential that we also take a close look at how we can better operate in the best interest of our civil servants, said Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs Ms. Silveria Jacobs.

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