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President Of Fnsafer Welcomed To Collectivit

Source: The Daily Herald 17 Apr 2023 03:24 PM

FNSAFER meeting for agriculture development in progress.

 MARIGOT--Fdration Nationale des Socits d'Amnagement Foncier et dtablissement Rural (FNSAFER) in Guadeloupe President Rodrigue Trfle was welcomed to the Collectivit on Tuesday, April 11, as part of implementation of an agreement made in March with the Collectivit.

At that time President Louis Mussington took advantage of the Paris Agricultural Show to sign an assistance agreement with FNSAFER with the aim of supporting local farmers in St. Martin and implementing a sustainable agricultural strategy.

The morning session was devoted to a meeting with the institutions to present the methodology for implementing this mission in the territory. Clarifications were provided by FNSAFER, which took part in this meeting by video conference.

The Collectivit, under the authority of First Vice-President Alain Richardson, Territorial Councillor in charge of agriculture Daniel Arnel, Territorial Councillor and President of the abattoir Valrie Fonrose, is working in collaboration with FNSAFER of Guadeloupe to set up a diagnosis of agricultural land on the territory and to accompany the strategy of re-launching the sustainable agricultural economy of St. Martin.

At the end of the afternoon session, Trfle met local farmers to explain the stakes of the convention and the actions to be carried out. Long-term work has been initiated in consultation with farmers to respond as closely as possible to the needs of the territory and its agricultural landowners. Arnel also spoke on local radio stations to inform the public about the Collectivit's approach.

The diagnosis currently being drawn up will be used in the framework of the Territorial Plan for Sustainable Agriculture of St. Martin and the St. Martin Development Plan PADSM. It will present the land issues and will be completed by a scenario of legal actions and technical possibilities that could give rise to a multi-year partnership with FNSAFER.

A schedule of trips to meet the farmers of St. Martin is already planned, with a first field visit April 17-21.

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