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Say No To Brown Sack Is Only Offensive To Those Who Love Crooked Money.

Source: 721 News 16 May 2023 01:21 PM

I know my campaign will not stop this overnight, but somewhere aND somehow we need to start Breaking the Cycle. The road to be elected is rough, as many politicians aND some voters love this old way.

I will staND in Faith aND Prayer with the HOPE that I can convince the ones who are fed up with this give me something for my vote” attitUDe, aND the ones seeking doSPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAtion money by the Brown Sack lovers. Their only intention is control of elected officials aND running the Country in any direction they want.

Too many voters are tired of this aND refuse to come out to vote because we (Sint Maarten) have – for sure – about 5000 people thinking this way.
AND don’t talk about the ones who go in to write on the ballot or to deposit it blank.

To all of those voters, I plead with you to focus on my person aND my party with the new Cycle we are presenting. I know its difficult to ask you to put your trust in me because of your pain aND frustration with the previous politicians who BS you aND lied to you. However, you should know what I staND for, aND the sacrifices I’m presently making to win your trust again.

The harassment Ive uNDergone by this present Government, since I have entered this political race, shows that I am a man of my word. If I were not a serious potential caNDidate to make it to the Parliament no attacks would have formed against me. The reason they dont want me to succeed is because I am seriously trusted, loyal, aND honest. My Yes is a Yes aND my No is a No. They are doing all in their power to block me.

The slogan of my political party the United Sint Maarten Party (USP) says: Breaking the Cycle. Only by uniting can we make this happen. When I say WE I mean the voters.

We, the voters, have the power in our haNDs to choose a party aND caNDidate who is willing to show us their intention for running this Country for the next four years.

Today every political caNDidate knows who the voter is simply because you have the power (voting right) in your haNDs to get them elected. Let me ask you, the voter, where they were when you needed them? Did they consult with you before they made decisions that jeopardized your day-to-day operation in your household?

Are you going to keep saying all politicians are the same, or will you give me the maNDate to represent you in Parliament? Are you going to keep complaining like you have been accustomed to doing for the last 10 plus years, or are you going to say it is time to give my vote to NDidate' href='/newspolitician/415/gromyko-wilson'>Gromyko Wilson, who has always fought for the peoples rights? He did this without any ambition to a political career, but more to see his people, this SPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAtion that he calls home, progress.

Lastly, let me remiND you that you have the POWER in your haNDs to STOP the lovers of crooked money that I call Brown Sack, aND to elect my person, together with my party aND team members aND Break the Cycle.

Only you, the voter, can make this happen!

By choosing NOT TO VOTE, or to WRITE on the voting ballot, or to deposit your ballot BLANK is not going to help St. Maarten, aND for sure my person will not be elected to represent you in the next upcoming Parliamentary elections.

I plead with those of you who cant vote, to talk to the ones who can, who are fed up aND tired of political figures lying to get elected, then later disappoint aND/or embarrass the SPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAtion, to come out in full force to vote aND sUPPort me aND my party. I invite you every SuNDay at 11:00am or 8:00pm to tune into my Facebook LIVESTREAM program “SuNDay Chat.”


Wilson, Gromyko L.N.V.
Future caNDidate for the upcoming election
USP slogan: Breaking the Cycle

NDidate' href='/newspolitician/415/gromyko-wilson'>Gromyko Wilson USP caNDidate for the upcoming elections

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