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Safe Expressed Dismay At Harmful Postures Towards Lgbtqia Community.

Source: SMN-News 07 Dec 2023 11:22 AM

St. Martin:--- The St. Maarten/St. Martin Alliance For Equality (SAFE SxM), the islaNDs LGBTQIA+ advocacy group, has taken note of comments circulating on social media implying that awareness for LGBTQ rights aND/or inclUDing knowledge of sexual diversity in our curriculum is equivalent to forcing non-heterosexual orientation on minors. SAFE SxM notes that there is no LGBTQ-specific education curriculum, but there are models for education with geNDer aND sexuality perspectives, which creates safer SPAces for all youth. The negative messages were circulated against Party for Progress (PFP) leader MP NDidate' href='/newspolitician/755/melissa-gumbs'>Melissa Gumbs, who is currently the countrys only openly parliamentarian.

SAFE SxM expressed dismay at the harmful postures that are increasingly being taken with respect to the LGBTQIA community.

It is unfortuSPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAte to see that LGBTQIA lives are being used as a political pawn in the upcoming elections, rather than focussing on the real issues that affect all St. Martiners regardless of their race, class, geNDer, religion, ethnic backgrouND or sexual orientation. All political parties should actually be actively advocating for human rights for all people inclUDing the LGBTQ communities, said SAFE SxM fouNDer Lysanne Charles.

SAFE SxM cautions the public from becoming distracted by homophobic rhetoric aND encourages people to look across party lines for issues aND proposals that will improve the quality of life for all islaND residents. As SAFE SxM has reiterated for the last 10 years, the organization rejects persoSPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAl attacks on political aND public figures based on their sexual orientation. The question of sexual diversity aND rights for LGBTQ persons is on me which is deserving of dialogue within our communities across groups with differing opinions. We must challenge ourselves to have those discussions in respectful ways that do not eNDanger the lives aND dignity of LGBTQ youths.

SAFE SxM noted that there are enough LGBTQ St. Martiners living abroad who are able aND willing to make a positive contribution to the development of our country, but do not feel welcome or safe on the islaND. It is up to all residents to work to change this.

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