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Elections Concluded On Bes Islands

Source: SXMIslandTime 19 Mar 2015 07:14 PM

BES Islands - The PLP Party of Clyde van Putten is in a celebratory mood, as the won two seats during the Island Council elections on Wednesday.

Also celebrating is the Democratic Party of Adelka Spanner.

They too won 2 seats, while the UPC was able to recapture its one seat in the island council of St. Eustatius.

Out of government is the opposition STEP Party of Franklin Brown.

The Democratic Party of Adelka Spanner received 473 votes, the UPC 244 votes, the PLP of Clyde van Putten 481 votes, while the opposition STEP Party got 181 votes.

It now means that the DP, UPC and PLP will begin the negotiation process towards the formation of the next island government of St. Eustatius.

Speaking to our news department, Lt. Governor of St. Eustatius, Gerald Berkel stated that while the parties are negotiating, the incoming Island Council Members will be sworn in on Thursday of next week.

On Bonaire there is a three way tie between the UPB, MPB and DP all with 3 seats.

Meanwhile a total of 18 candidates on two political slates, contested the elections on Saba. However, the WIPM Party who garnered a total of 545 votes won the election and retained their position in the Island Council.

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