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Former MP arrested for threats, firearms found

Source: The Daily Herald 28 Mar 2015 06:22 AM

PHILIPSBURG--Former Member of Parliament Romain Laville was arrested on Thursday morning, following allegations made against him in two unrelated cases.

The first case concerns gun threats made against Isidore York, better known as steel pan musician Mighty Dow, in an argument over local artistes not having been paid the same rate as foreign artistes during an event. York at the time stated that Laville had derided him for protesting against promoter Tempo, which wanted local artistes to perform for free.

Laville was said to have launched a verbal and profane tirade at Dow, because, while Laville had asked local artistes not to go to the media while the situation pertaining to remuneration was being sorted out, the artistes had complained publicly that Tempo did not have the respect to treat local artistes fairly.

The second case relates to MP Jules James, who alleged that Laville threatened him on June 11, 2012, in parliament, and that Laville showed him a firearm during that incident.

Spokeswoman for the Prosecutor's Office Tineke Kamps confirmed that Laville had indeed been arrested by the Landsrecherche (National Detectives) on suspicion of threatening York on November 28, 2012, making threats against James on June 11, 2012, and possession of one or more firearms.

Kamps confirmed that two firearms had indeed been seized at the time of Laville's arrest, and that there had been no incidents at the time of the arrest.

Laville has been questioned by detectives, before being released on Thursday night, Kamps added. The detectives are now investigating whether Laville had a valid permit, which would allow him to carry the weapons.

Solicitor-General Taco Stein had confirmed in August 2013, that several people had been questioned in the case relating to the threat against James. However, Stein said at that time he did not have the details of who exactly had been interviewed and when. It was understood at the time that a number of MPs, who witnessed the altercation in Parliament House, had been interviewed by the National Detectives, including Frans Richardson.

Laville, who had been fraction leader of the United People's Party (UP) before becoming independent, had wanted to be a minister in the previous cabinet, but did not pass the screening because of the two incidents.

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