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Source: SMN-News
06 Mar 2020 12:33 PM

St Joseph Primary School Early Act Club Launches Its First Project.

PHILIPSBURG:--- The St Joseph Primary School Early Act Club held a bake sale recently to raise funds for the school. This was the club's first community project since it was created in October 2019. EarlyAct is a school-wide service club for primary school students St Joseph primary School EarlyAct club is sponsored by the Rotary Club of St Martin Sunrise and is for children aged 5 to 12 years old The mission of EarlyAct is to promote goodwill, understanding, and peace through the active participation of its student members so that with the committed citizenship and effective leadership they may improve the quality of life of their school, local and global communities said Rotary Sunrise Read more

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Source: The Daily Herald
20 Feb 2020 06:25 AM

Mussington: WeVe Lost Control Of The Management Of Semsamar

Opposition Councillors Louis Mussington and Bernadette Davis. (Robert Luckock photo)

MARIGOT--Opposition leader and Movement for Justice and Prosperity (MJP) President Louis Mussington spoke out Tuesday to reporters on what he described as the devastating consequences of implementing a new management structure for Semsamar which ironically, he said, led to operational cost skyrocketing, chiefly due to high salaries of new executives, compared to cost before 2018.

Mussington claimed a victory when the administrative court ruled in his favour on February 13 and annulled two Territorial Council deliberations that he had challenged Read more

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29 Jan 2020 05:23 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- For the first time on St. Maarten an EarlyAct Day was held last weekend organized by Assistant Governor Marcellia Henry, Rotarians Denise Antrobus and Jon Hart which exceeded all expectations. EarlyAct is a school-wide/Community service club for elementary students from ages 5 to 13. It is sponsored by one of the local Rotary clubs in the community in which the school is located. The mission and operation of EarlyAct are closely linked to the ideals of Rotary and provide the foundation and natural succession to Interact Read more

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