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Ministry Of Justice Still In Discussion With Prison Inmate Association.

Source: SMN-News 15 Feb 2023 01:29 PM

PHILIPSBURG:--- Minister of Justice Anna Richardson in response to questions posed by SMN News regarding the prison and the prolonged strike by prisoners. The Minister said that the prisoners have a number of questions that they have asked and despite the Ministry providing information the prisoners and their representatives are not satisfied.
The Minister said that the prisoners feel that some of them should be placed on early release, however, the dates she said is calculated based on each individual verdict and time and served.
The Minister said today Wednesday the discussions will continue with the representatives of the prison inmate association.
The Minister reiterated that the Pointe Blanche Prison is a detention facility and whenever the Prison management feels that additional actions have to be taken to restore law and order it is done. Just last week the prisoners were placed on a 4-day lock down when they refused to go back to their cells.

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