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No Meeting To Approve Ipko Delegation Due To No Quorum

Source: The Daily Herald 21 Apr 2023 10:32 AM

MP Ludmila de Wever, standing, about to sign in for the meeting, which could not be held due to no quorum, on Thursday morning.

 PHILIPSBURG--Thursdays scheduled meeting of Parliament to approve the composition of the delegation to participate in the Inter-Parliamentary Kingdom Consultations IPKO and Tripartite, did not take place due to a lack of quorum.

IPKO Is scheduled to be held in The Hague, Netherlands from May 31 to June 5.

Chairperson of Parliament Sidharth Cookie Bijlani opened a gathering of Parliament, and told MPs present that the meeting was not able to start as there had been no quorum. He said a notice of absence had been received from National Alliance (NA) MP William Marlin and a notice of lateness from United Democrats (UD) MP Sarah Wescot-Williams. He said also that some MPs were absent due to work travel to Panama. Those on the work trip were United Peoples (UP) party MP Rolando Brison, Independent MP Akeem Arrindell, United St. Maarten Party (US Party) MP Chanel Brownbill and (NA) MP George Pantophlet.

Present in hall and signed in for the meeting were Bijlani, Independent MPs Solange Duncan, Grisha Heyliger-Marten; (NA) MPs Hyacinth Richardson and Angelique Romou and independent MP Ludmila de Weever, who signed in while the names of those present were being called off. Party for Progress (PFP) MP Melissa Gumbs was also in the hall, but not signed in. At least eight MPs are needed for a meeting to proceed.

After providing the information, Bijlani closed the gathering and said the meeting reconvened as soon as possible.

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