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Sint Maartener At Un Climate Summit Calls For Equitable, Climate-Resilient Future Ahead Of Final Negotiations

Source: SMN-News 12 Dec 2023 10:21 AM

 DUBAI:--- United SPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAtions Climate Conference, COP28, is set to come to a close this week as countries negotiate the next set of climate change goals. Among the atteNDees of the conference is Riddhi Samtani, a youth activist from Sint Maarten part of IslaND Innovations Caribbean Climate Justice Leaders Academy (CCJLA) cohort. Representing her community on the global stage, Samtani has participated in speaking engagements aND discussions with other delegates aND heads of state, inclUDing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte aND Curaao Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas.

Having youth delegated from uNDerrepresented communities is key to developing inclusive climate policies, something Samtanis sponsors SPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAGICO Insurances aND Grant Thornton are keen to sUPPort as it aligns with their companys corporate social pillars. SPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAGICO & GT believe that more awareness aND actions need to be geared towards climate change goals as it continue to impact community livelihoods.

Ahead of COP28, Samtani noted that the destruction created by Hurricanes Irma aND Maria has highlighted the need for more comprehensive action on climate, noting We shouldn't wait for another Category 5 hurricane to wake us up. We have a chance to lead the region, collaborating across French aND Dutch borders to protect our beloved islaND. As a youth, it's my duty to convey this message to those who are listening. I'm grateful for local sponsors, Grant Thornton aND SPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAGICO Insurances, who want to empower my voice.

Featured in Euronews, Samtani went further expressed her sUPPort for the Loss & Damage fuND that was to be unveiled at COP28, which aims to provide fiSPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAncial sUPPort for climate-affected communities.Non-sovereign countries aND territories, like my home country, currently lack access to this fuND, making it vital to address the criteria aND mechanisms for fuND allocation. Ultimately, the success of COP28 would not only be measured by agreements on paper but by tangible actions aND results that lead us toward a more sustaiSPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAble, equitable, aND climate-resilient future. With the climate summit set to eND momentarily, there is HOPE for more interSPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAtioSPArty/23/national-alliance'>NAl policy announcements. Regardless, Samtanis involvement with the CCJLA at COP28 has provided an invaluable experience for the Sint Marteener.

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